The 1660s and 1740 Databases that include Areas outside Co. Londonderry and North & Mid Antrim

These two databases cover a much wider region than the Co. Londonderry and North & Mid Antrim databases of the 1633 Hearth Money Rolls and 1740 Protestant Householders' Returns in the right-hand menu. The map below shows the geographical extent of that coverage. As well as Co. Londonderry and North & Mid Antrim , the area covered by the 1660s Hearth Money Rolls database includes the entire counties of Antrim and Tyrone plus the baronies of Inishowen and Raphoe in Co. Donegal. The area covered by the 1740 Protestant Householders' Returns database is not so extensive and includes Co. Londonderry, the baronies of Cary, Dunluce, Kilconway and Toome in Co. Antrim, the barony of Inishowen in Co. Donegal and the parishes of Derryloran and Kildress in the Barony of Dungannon, Co. Tyrone.

Note that the actual dates for the Hearth Money Rolls are as follows: Co. Londonderry 1663, Co. Donegal 1665, Co. Tyrone 1666 and Co. Antrim 1669. These databases should allow you to see the wider regional distribution of surnames in the northern part of the historic province of Ulster in the 1660s and the 1740s. Remember, however, that the names listed in both periods are only a fraction of the householders living in these areas at those times.

Note that in these databases separate columns are used for the actual spelling of a townland in the source and the modern day spelling used in the database. Likewise, the actual spelling of a surname in a document and the standardised spelling used in the database are in separate columns. This makes it easier to sort surnames and see patterns in their geographical distributions.

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