1662 Subsidy Rolls for County Londonderry

Subsidy Rolls list the nobility, clergy and laity who paid a grant in aid to the crown. Clearly these rolls will only list persons of substantial means. There are 317 name listed for the county.  Their distribution by barony is as follows: - 80 in Coleraine,  21 in North East Liberties, 48 in Loughinsholin, 78 in Keenaght, 73 in Tirkeeran and 17 in North West Liberties. These rolls are usually referred to as the 1662 Subsidy Rolls but some cover the period 1662 to 1667.

The rolls list the persons of means in the community who were subject to the payment of subsidies, which then formed the government's main method of direct taxation. Details are given of the name of each person, where they lived [usually a townland] and the amount of subsidy that they paid. The amount of the subsidy was based on the valuation of either the person's land or goods.

The PRONI Refs. for these Subsidy Rolls are as follows:


Parishes of Coleraine, Killowen [Killwan], Dunboe and Macosquin [Camus McCosquin] Note that in this document the person who transcribed the names states: The following is a copy from the originall (sic) Rolls in the Record Office, Dublin, relating to Coleraine and the adjoining Parishes, the date being 1662-7.


City and Liberties of Londonderry; parish of Clondermot [Glendermott], in the barony of Tirkeeran; the parishes of  Drumachose, Magilligan [Tamlatard] and Aghanloo in the barony of Keenaght. The date given here is 1662.


Parishes of Desertlyn [Desertlin], Magherafelt [Magheryfelt], Ballyscullion, Artrea [Ardtra], Ballinderry, Tamlaght [Tawlaght Killetra]and Derryloran [all in the Barony of Loughinsholin]. The parishes of Cumber and Faughanvale in the Barony of Tirkeeran; The parish of Tamlaghtfinlagan in the baony of Keenaght. The date given here is 1662.

J. W. Kernohan, The County of Londonderry in Three Centuries, Belfast, 1921

Parishes of Aghadowey [pp. 81-82], Desertoghill [p. 82] and Errigal [p. 83].

I have databased the information contained in the rolls. Within the database only the modern spelling of the parish has been used. The modern spelling of townland names has also been used in the database with the spelling in the original document added in [brackets], where there was a difference.

There are two columns for names - one which gives the name as spelt in the original document  and the other the standardised version.  In the Excel version the names are listed in the order that they listed within each parish. The parishes are arranged geographically within their appropriate baronies. The baronies are arranged in the following order - N. W. Liberties, Tirkeeran, Keenaght, N. E. Liberties, Coleraine and Loughinsholin. You can, of course, sort them in any order that you wish.

In the PDF version the surnames are sorted alphabetically.

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