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1803 Agricultural Census

In 1803, during the Napoleonic Wars, an Agricultural Census was carried out in Co. Antrim. Unfortunately only a fragment of this census survives for some parishes in North Antrim. They are to be found within the baronies of Cary and Dunluce Lower & Upper and include Armoy [303 names], Ballintoy [574 names], Ballymoney [1575 names], Ballyrashane [187 names], Ballywillin [81 names], Billy [909 names], Culfeightrin [564 names], Derrykeighan [496 names], Grange of Drumtullagh [233 names], Dunluce [479 names], Kilraghts [232 names],
Loughguile [1134 names], Ramoan [427 names] and Rathlin [144 names] - a total of 7338 names.

The census lists the names of farmers in each townland within each parish. Below is a link to a database of these names and places. - read more. The names and locations in this database can be compared with the Griffith's Valuation database of c.1860 for North Antrim.

1803 Agricultural Census for some Parishes in North Antrim [see list above] Excel PDF

Note that the 1803 Agricultural Census for the parish of Ballintoy was carried out by the rector, the Rev Robert Traill,. at the same time he appears to have a census which contains a complete list of all of the inhabitants of the Parish of Ballintoy in April 1803.


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