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1831 "Census Returns" for Co. Londonderry

Unlike Great Britain, where detailed Census Enumerators' Returns are available from 1841, virtually none exist for Ireland before 1901. However, in county Londonderry we have a unique source which, although not a "proper census", contains data that are useful to Family and Local Historians. I was introduced to the 1831 " Census Returns" in 1967 - read more in this Background Paper.

1831 "Census Returns" Database for Co. Londonderry.

To access my revised 1831 "Census" Database for the entire County of Londonderry - click on the links in the table below. If you are not familiar with databases you might find Notes on the 1831 "Census Returns" Database useful.

The Excel database is primarily sorted by Barony, Parish and Townland. The names of each head of household within each townland are sorted by House Nos. - not alphabetically - as they were in my earlier databases. For those of you who do not have access to Excel I have included two PDF files. PDF1 is a duplicate of the Excel file and PDF2 provides an index of names sorted by Standardised Surname, Barony, Parish & Townland. Unfortunately, any search of a PDF copy of a database is more limited.


Working with 1831 "Census Returns" at Townland and Street Level.

Since 1967/68 I have studied many Localities within the County - probably around twenty Townlands in Rural Areas and a number of Streets in Derry/Londonderry, Coleraine, Limavady and Magherafelt. These Locality Studies have also generated associated Studies of Families.

In order to highlight the important role that the 1831 "Census Returns" often play in a Locality Study or a Family History Study, I have selected the Townland of Gorteade - Church Street in the Town of Coleraine - and William Street in the City of Londonderry.

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