c1860 Griffith's Valuation Map of the Town of Ballymoney
[PRONI Ref. VAL/2D/1/9]

Below is a copy of the c1860 Valuation Map for the town of Ballymoney. As you can see it is difficult to read. Therefore, I have had to use a later map from 1880 where the numbers relating to individual buildings within the town can be seen clearly. Most of the numbering in both maps is exactly the same. However, there are some differences that I have noticed, so far, relating to redevelopment in Church Street and High Street.

The most significant difference is in Church Street where in 1860 the church end of the street on the north side (from Dunne's Stores to the Music Box, today) was being developed after the closure of the Erasmus Smith school.  All of the area that had been occupied by the Erasmus Smith school was numbered 26 and 27 in 1860 in the townland of Glebe. The remainder of the buildings on that side of the street, which were in the townland of Townparks, were numbered from 28 to 33. By 1880 the buildings had been completed and the valuers renumbered the street from 26 to 40.

In High Street numbers 21 to 24 were listed as gardens or building ground belonging to the Earl of Antrim. By 1880 much of this ground had been built on but the numbered do not appear to be very different.