1880 Valuation Map for Church Street, Ballymoney
[PRONI Ref. VAL/12E/14/1]

I have used this map dated 1880  because the numbers on the original 1859 map (VAL/2D/1/9) are difficult to see in a scanned map. The 1880 map differs from the original 1860 map on the north side of Church Street as follows: In 1860 the church was 24. Then across the street from the corner of present-day Victoria Street to the Diamond the numbers in 1860 ran from 26-33. These numbers are shown on each of the buildings on the map. Numbers 26 and 27 covered an area that had been the site of the old Erasmus School. After the closure of the school the area was redeveloped and once it had been completed by the 1870s/1880s, that part of the north side of the street was renumbered from 26 to 40. On the map these numbers appear in front of each building on the north side. The numbers on the south side of the street are exactly the same as those on the 1860 map. Incidentally, both sides of the street were renumbered again in the 1890s -  see the 1895 map.