Town of Ballymoney with particular reference to Church Street

Initially some of this material was produced for a couple of talks that I gave in Ballymoney a number of years ago. Since then I have added to and modified this material.

The town of Ballymoney is located within the townlands of Townparks and Glebe. See this Ordnance Survey map (scale six inches to the mile) which shows these townlands and the extent of the town within them in 1833. Below are links to a number of sources [1734 to 1950s] for the town as a whole, and particularly for Church Street, that should be of use to both family and local historians studying the town.  The sources are presented chronologically.

1734  Map of the town with a list of tenants by street - by surname.
1804-1810 George Miller's list of inhabitants of the town - by street - by surname.
1814 Map of the town with a list of tenants by - street - by surname.
1817 Database of the Census of First Ballymoney Presbyterian Church compiled by the Rev. Robert Park.* Excel PDF
1833 Ordnance Survey map of the town.
1833 Townland Valuation of Ballymoney by - street - by surname.
Examples of pages from 1833 Townland Valuation for Church Street [within Townparks]  [within Glebe].
1861 Griffith's Printed Valuation for the Townparks, Glebe and all streets in town [PDF file]. [Click here to see the Church Street page.]
1860 Valuation map of the town. Numbers on this map are very difficult to read, so we need to use the 1880 Valuation map for the town.
1880 Valuation map of the northern part of the town and the southern part of the town.
1880 Valuation Map for Church Street.        1895 Valuation Map for Church Street. [These maps have been enlarged.]
Griffith's Revisions: Church Street 1860 to c.1950.
Houses in Church  Street recorded in 1901 Census Returns.
Families in Church Street recorded in 1901 Census Returns.
1901/1911 Online Census, National Archives of Ireland. [You can use this to look up other streets and families in the town.]
Excel database of Street Directories for the town covering the period 1824 to 1952.
1950 Ordnance Survey map of the town.
Photographs of the town, 1900s to 1950s.

See also:

Ordnance Survey Memoir for the Parish of Ballymoney 1832-1834.
Some Advertisements from G. H. Bassett's Guide and Directory for County Antrim 1888

Extract from the 1905 Belfast and Ulster Directory for the town of Ballymoney.

Ballymoney Flax Market 1914-1915.

* This census was compiled in 1817 by the Rev. Robert Park who was the minister of the First Presbyterian Church in the town. In fact the Rev. Park became the minister of the church on 18th March 1817. So this census may have been his way of getting to know his flock. Clearly it will only contain Presbyterians who attended that church. Trinity Church [which was the Seceding Church at that time] would not be included. But, since St. James's and Drumreagh Churches [offshoots of 1st Balymoney] were not built at that time, those families that later joined these churches would be enumerated in this 1817 census. I have arranged the names and places from the transcript of the census held in PRONI [CR/3/1/D/1] within a kind of a database which should make it easier to find names and search for places.

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