Database of Church Records available for North and Mid Antrim

This database lists all church records extant for North and Mid Antrim at the time of writing. The main source of this information is the UHF/ PRONI guide of 1994 and the most recent PRONI guide.

The information within the database is arranged alphabetically by Civil Parish, which is more or less the same as the Church of Ireland Parish. Within each civil parish the records are arranged by Church of Ireland, Methodist, Presbyterian, Reformed Presbyterian and Roman Catholic. Details of the records available for each church [or parish in the case of Roman Catholic records] is given. The records are available either in PRONI or Coleraine Library and some are still held in local custody. The appropriate PRONI references and Coleraine Library reel numbers are listed. The final column on Denominations will enable those of you using Excel to filter out the different denominations from the total list.

Note that Roman Catholic parishes are different from Church of Ireland and Civil parishes. Usually there will be more than one church in a Roman Catholic parish. However, unlike the other denominations, Roman Catholic baptisms marriages and burials are normally recorded by parish rather than by individual churches. For details of present-day Roman Catholic parishes and churches in North and Mid Antrim - go to the Down & Connor website. Note that the boundaries of Roman Catholic parishes can be different in the nineteenth century. It is advisable, therefore, to look in adjoining parishes when searching for a marriage, etc.

Finally, a word on the PRONI references. The PRONI records are prefixed D [original source], T [transcript], MIC [microfilm copy] or CR [copies and originals].  For more information on this see An Irish Genealogical Guide: Guide to Church Records published by Ulster Historical Foundation on behalf of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast, 1994.

Copyright 2009 W. Macafee.