Database of Church Records extant for the Co. Londonderry

This database lists all church records extant for the county at the time of writing. The main source of this information is the UHF/ PRONI guide of 1994 and the most recent PRONI guide.

The information within the database is arranged alphabetically by Civil Parish, which is more or less the same as the Church of Ireland Parish. Within each civil parish the records are arranged alphabetically by Baptist, Church of Ireland, Congregationalist, Methodist, Moravian, Presbyterian, Reformed Presbyterian and Roman Catholic.

As well as the Civil Parish column there is a Roman Catholic Parish column, a Denomination column and a Name of Church column. This should allow you to filter out various religious groups and churches.

Remember that Roman Catholic parishes are not the same as Church of Ireland parishes. The Name of Church column will allow you to identify the churches within each parish. This is particularly important in Roman Catholic parishes where there are usually two or three churches within each parish. However, remember that, unlike the other denominations, Roman Catholic registers usually cover the entire parish and were normally held at the principal church in each parish.

A summary of the records available for each church [or parish in the case of Roman Catholic records] is given in the Details of Available Records column. The readily available records are held at either PRONI or Coleraine Library . The appropriate PRONI references and Coleraine Library reel numbers are listed.

The PRONI records are prefixed D [original source], T [transcript], MIC [microfilm copy] or CR [copies and originals]. Note that some church records are still held in local custody and some Presbyterian records are held by the Presbyterian Historical Society in Belfast .

In the database you will find that the vast majority of the D, CR, T and MIC references end with an asterisk. This is because I am recommending that before ordering a D, CR or T document or a MIC microfilm in PRONI, you use the PRONI eCatalogue to check the reference given in the database - see example below.

The reel numbers of the microfilms in Coleraine Library are indicated thus - [CL44] - 44 being the reel number.

There are a further three columns that will indicate the dates of the baptismal, marriage and burial registers of the various denominations that are included within the Derry ~ Londonderry Genealogy online databases. Note that not all church records for the county are included in DGC online database - read more.

There is a Dioceses column that will allow you to filter out both the Church of Ireland and Roman Catholic parishes and churches within the three dioceses that cover the county.

I have also added a Barony column which will allow you to filter out the baronies within the county. So, for example you will able, in the Excel version of the database, to filter out the Roman Catholic parishes in the barony of Tirkeeran. You can then see the churches within each of the parishes and how the Roman Catholic parishes compare to the civil parishes.

Church Records and the PRONI eCatalogue

Suppose, for example, that you wanted to look at the church records for Limavady [Broadlane] Reformed Presbyterian Church. In the database the PRONI Ref. given for the records of Broadlane is MIC1C/21*. If you were to type in MIC1C/21 [without the asterisk] in the eCatalogue search box only the first of the two entries [MIC1C/21] shown below would appear in the search result. However, if you were to type in MIC1C/21* then the second entry is included and it is the one that will provide you with fuller details. In other words you can check the entry in my database against the MIC1C/21/1 entry below.

Clicking on View beside MIC1C/21 gives us this information.

Clicking on View beside MIC1C/21/1 gives us this information.

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