Searching the Ulster Historical Foundation Marriages and Births Databases

The Ulster Historical Foundation marriages and births databases What follows is a demonstration of how to search the UHF online databases for a marriage and a birth.  Below is a sequence of text which will take you through the process and at each stage there is a screenshot of what you would see on your computer screen.  If you have difficulty reading the text in some of the screenshots, increase the zoom in your browser window to 125%.


Having found the marriage of my great-grandfather William McAfee or Macafee to Elizabeth Thompson in 1886 in the Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes I decided to obtain the details of the marriage from the UHF online marriages database. This database holds all civil marriages from 1845. Below is a screenshot of the search box where I have entered the name William McAfee, the date of the marriage 1886 and the first name of the spouse, Elizabeth. The recent addition of the Spouse search boxes has made it easier to identify a particular marriage.

This search produced the result shown below. Clearly the date 1886 and the father Robert clearly identified this marriage. To view the full record a fee has to be paid. The fee that you will have to pay depends on whether or not you are a member of the UHF and the number of credits that you buy. Buying in bulk further reduces the fee. Go to the UHF website for details of fees.

Viewing the 1886 record produced these details.


Here is an example of a birth. This is the birth in 1878 of a William McLoughlin [spelt McLochlin] to a John McLoughlin [spelt McGlaughlin on his marriage certificate of 1868] and Catherine McVicker [spelt McVicar on her marriage certificate] The principles of searching are much the same as above.

Below is the initial search box. Note that I only found this birth when I used the surname spelling of McLochlin. I also added the first name of the mother and father. I could have added a date because I knew from the 1911 Census Returns that he was probably born c. 1880.

The search produced this result. 

Viewing this record produced the following. The fact that the "witnesses" who are really sponsors show that this information was taken from a church record.

For more details on this family go to the Glens of Antrim Historical Society Clachan Project on Knockban and click on John McLoughlin of Knockban.

Note that the UHF births database does not include any civil births. It only includes some church baptisms as follows:

Church of Ireland - Ballymoney, Ballywillin, Finvoy and Layde [Cushendall].

Roman Catholic - Armoy, Ballintoy, Ballycastle [Ramoan], Ballymoney & Derrykeighan, Culfeightrin, Cushendall, Cushendun, Dunloy & Cloughmills, Glenariffe, Loughguile, Rasharkin and Rathlin.

Note that, at the moment,  there are no Presbyterian births in the database. That is why I did not search for the births of any of William Macafee and Elizabeth Thompson's children.

Copyright 2009 W. Macafee.