Map of Ballynahone Beg 1833

This is a copy of the first edition of the Ordnance Survey map showing the townland of Ballynahone Beg and surrounding townlands. This map was the base map used by the valuers. The resulting map was a valuation map [VAL/1/A in PRONI]. However,  it can be difficult to read the house numbers on the valuation map because most of the numbers on it refer to plots of land indicating different areas of soil quality within the townland. Because I only wanted the house numbers I did not use the VAL/1/A/5/36 valuation map. Instead, I have added only the house numbers to the OS Map covering the townland [OS/6/5/36/1]. The numbers are in red.

Three sets of buildings are numbered on the Ballynahone Beg map. Note that these numbers are the numbers in red in the page from the valuation book. I added these red numbers against the original numbers [in black] in the book. The renumbering took place because many of the original houses valued were not included in the final valuation because they did not reach the criteria set for inclusion . Often the valuers did not renumber the book. One house, that of James McLean, was not included because its valuation 2.15.2 did not reach the criteria. Note the words "wont come in" added by a valuer at a later date indicating that it would not be included. I have put a red X on the map to indicate where I think this house was located.

It is relatively easy to match these houses to the houses in the later 1859 valuation map, mainly because the houses in this townland lie along a road running east to west across the townland. I think the valuers in 1831originally numbered the houses in the same order as the valuers in the later 1859 Griffith's Valuation i.e from west to east. However, when they numbered for the1833 map, they numbered from east to west. If James McLean's house had been included I think it would have been number 1. Certainly the location I have numbered on this map is the same location where John and Robert McLean lived in 1859.

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