Townland Valuation of Cullyramer [Parish of Aghadowey]

Cullyramer [Parish of Aghadowey] was surveyed in 1832. Only one house was regarded as of sufficient value for inclusion and this house is shown in the copy of the page below [PRONI ref. VAL/1/B/51] . The number correspond to the red number on the accompanying valuation map. Actually the map that I have used is really a copy of the first edition of the Ordnance Survey Map c.1833. I was particularly interested in locating the house which, on later maps, was known as Rose Lodge. The house listed below was that house. It was valued at 4.00 and there should have been further information on the age, condition, dimensions, etc. of this house. Unfortunately the book which would have contained this information appears to have been lost.

[PRONI: VAL/1/B/51]

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