1832 Townland Valuation of City of Londonderry: Details of Houses

The valuation of the parish of Templemore which contained the City of Londonderry began on 2nd November 1831 and continued until the end of 1832. Most of the streets in the city were surveyed and valued during 1832. The field notebooks which are held in PRONI  [VAL/1B/547A-F] contain lists of the persons who held most of the houses in each street plus details of many of the houses that were valued at 3.00 or more per annum.  Unfortunately the valuation book [VAL/1B/547D] that contains the detailed information on most of the houses outside the city walls is missing from the set. Note that Rossville Street, Thomas Street and Union Street are extant in VAL/1B/547B.

I have databased a number of streets within the city walls and a number outside the walls in part of the Bogside area of the city. The numbers in the database correspond to the numbers on the 1834 valuation map. I have reproduced the sections of the map relating to the streets in the database. The numbers in the Street No. column within the database correspond to the numbers on the 1834 valuation map. Also included in the database is a brief description of each property and the amount of its valuation. Note that, in the Excel version of the database, I have also supplied a separate sheet in the database where the surnames are sorted alphabetically.

Below is an index to pages copied from the Townland Valuation Books for the City of Londonderry [PRONI ref. VAL/1B/547B and 547E]. Because of the size of the city and the fact that book VAL/1B/547D is missing, only some of the streets, or parts of streets, have been included as examples of the kind of detailed information on buildings which these books contain. The numbers against each house in each page correspond to the numbers on the valuation map for the town c.1834. The details of houses given include the condition, age and dimensions of each house - read this for an explanation of the code, etc. Note that columns 3, 4 and 5 on each page give the frontage, depth and height of each building.

PRONI Source Page Street or Streets Notes
VAL/1B/547E 4 Part of Shipquay Street, Nos. 18-23. These streets lie within the city walls. These pages only cover some of the streets, or parts of street within the walled city. Page 4 begins with part of Shipquay Street - Nos. 18 to 29 on the 1834 map. These houses lie on the right-hand side of the street looking up from the Shipquay Gate towards the Diamond. The valuer then moved to Richmond Street, then Scholes Lane, then Castle Street, then into Magazine Street, then up and down Butcher Street, before moving across the Diamond to the right hand side of Bishop Street looking up from the Diamond towards the Bishop's Gate - Nos. 1 to 7 on the 1834 map. Finally two houses in Society Street are listed.
5 Part of Shipquay Street, Nos. 24-29.
6 Part of Shipquay Street, Nos. 28-29 & part of Richmond Street, Nos. 1-3.
7 Part of Richmond Street, Nos. 4-12.
8 Scholes Lane, Nos. 1-2 & part of Castle Street, Nos. 1-7.
9 Part of Castle Street, Nos. 8-12 & part of Magazine Street, Nos. 1-2.
10 Part of Magazine Street, Nos. 3-10.
11 Part of Magazine Street, No. 11 & Part of Butcher Street, Nos. 1-4.
12 Part of Butcher Street, Nos. 5-12.
13 Part of Butcher Street Nos. 13-16 & part of Bishop Street, Nos. 1-3.
14 Part of Bishop Street Nos. 4-7 & part of Society Street, Nos. 1-2.
44 Part of the Diamond, Nos.1-4. These pages cover part of the Diamond from the corner of Shipquay Street, towards the Butcher Street and Bishop Street - Nos. 1 to 15 on the 1834 map.
45 Part of the Diamond, Nos. 5-10.
46 Part of the Diamond, Nos. 11-15.

VAL/1B/547B 27 Part of Culmore townland, part of  Edenballymore townland  & part of Rossville Street. These streets lie outside the city boundary in the townland of Edenballymore. Because the VAL/1B/547D book is missing these are the only streets for which house details are available.

It is interesting to compare these houses with those within the city walls listed below.

28 Part of Rossville Street.
29 Part of Rossville Street & part of Thomas Street.
30 Part of Thomas Street & Union Street.

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