Part of Original 1859 Valuation Map of Streets in the centre of the City of Londonderry
(PRONI: VAL/2/D/5/11B)

This is a copy of part of the original 1859 Valuation Map of the City of Londonderry which accompanies the printed Griffith's [Tenement] Valuation. The numbers listed against the properties in the pages of the printed valuation match the numbers shown on the buildings in the valuation map allowing us to identify the occupiers of properties in each street within the city c.1859. Unfortunately, as you can see, the quality of this map is so poor that it is virtually impossible to identify any numbers on the copy of the map shown below. Indeed, it is extremely difficult, even with a magnifying glass, to identify these numbers on the original manuscript copy of the map. Nevertheless, I have been able to identify sufficient numbers on the original map to produce another copy of this map that does have legible numbers on it. Click here to see this map.

Copyright 2010 W. Macafee.