1859 Valuation Map showing William Street, Londonderry: [within] & part of [without]
(PRONI: VAL/2/D/5/11B)

The numbers in the Griffith's Printed [Tenement] Valuation for William Street match the numbers on the 1859 Valuation Map for the town (VAL/2/D/5/11). The original of this map was produced at a scale of 2 feet to the mile. Such a scale, coupled with the poor quality of the map, made it extremely difficult to read the numbers on the original map. I have reproduced [and partly redrawn] the map at a scale of 4 feet to the mile. There is no significance to the fact that I have used red numbers. This is simply to make the numbers stand out against the "fuzzy" background of the map.

Note that the street was divided into William Street [within] and William Street [without]. The [within] part of the street ran from the corner of Waterloo Place/Waterloo Street to Mary Blue's Burn which marked the city boundary. The [without] part ran from Mary Blue's Burn up to Francis Street. The map has been reproduced as two overlapping maps. The map below shows the lower part of the street. Click here to see the upper part of the street. Note that this 1859 map was used by the valuers until c.1870. 

There is a much larger scale map [10 feet to the mile] of  the street and the city as a whole produced in  1873 and used by the valuers until 1910. Click here to see this map.

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