1873-1910 Valuation Map showing William Street, Londonderry [Map 1]
(PRONI: VAL/12/E/157/1/10 & 11)

This was the map that the valuers used when recording revisions to properties in the street during the period 1873 to 1910 [see database of Griffith's Revisions for the street]. This map was very much a working map as the revisions to numbers show. Notice that one set of numbers directly in front of each building in the street has been crossed out and a new number in red added on each building. This red number was then crossed out and another purple number added behind the stroked out red number.

The stroked out numbers in front of each building relate back to the 1859 map which had been used by the valuers between then and 1873. Some time in the late 1880s the 1859 numbers were stroked out and the red numbers added. These red numbers were odd and even numbers - odd for the right-hand side of the street looking up from Waterloo Place and even for the left-hand side.  These were the street numbers that were used on many of the later nineteenth-century marriage and birth certificates and were in use in the early 1900s. Some time around 1910 the red numbers were stroked out and the purple numbers were added. I have no idea how long the purple numbers lasted. I also suspect that many people in the street would have used the old street numbers for a time after the new street numbers were introduced.

Note that each property in the street was also given a number in the 1901 and 1911 Census Returns. However, the Census house numbers do not relate directly to the valuation numbers, they simply reflect the order in which houses were enumerated within the street.

This map is very large scale [10 feet to the mile] and is reproduced here as four overlapping maps. The map below shows the Waterloo Place end of the street and maps 2, 3 and 4 will take you, progressively, up the street.

Map 4 Map 3 Map 2 Map 1
      1859 Map

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