Map of City of Londonderry 1833

This is a copy of the first edition of the six inch Ordnance Survey for the county. It shows the western boundary of the city which follows the course of Mary Blue's Burn. William Street can be seen to the Northwest of the walls. William Street [within] is within the city boundary and the remainder of the street, which is in the townland of Edenballymore, outside the city boundary - hence the name William Street [without]. This map also shows the development of the Bogside area to the south of William Street towards Fahan Street as well as an area outside the Bishop's Gate. Like William Street, Fahan Street had a [within] and a [without] on either side of Mary Blue's Burn. The suburban development to the north - Great James Street, Clarendon Street, etc. has yet to come. Click here for a larger scale map of William Street.