William Street in the City of Londonderry

William Street runs from the corner of Waterloo Street and Waterloo Place northwestwards towards St. Eugene's Cathedral and is intersected by Rossville Street and Little James Street.  See 1905 Map of the City. Although the street lay outside the walls of the city, a distinction was made in nineteenth century records between William Street [within] which lay within the city boundary in the townland of Londonderry; and William Street [without] which lay outside the city boundary in the townland of Edenballymore. Throughout most of the nineteenth century the city boundary in this part of the city was marked by Mary Blue's Burn. The within, without division was dropped after the County Council Act of 1898.

Comparing names and locations the 1830s is not so easy as it was in rural townlands. At the same time, sources such as Dawson's Voters' List can be helpful. Also there is not the kind of continuity in streets as there were in rural townlands.

1831 Census Returns [See pages 27; 28; 30; 33; 34; 35; 36; [Edenballymore] [Butcher Street Ward] - pages 46; 47; 48.] 1834 Map. Excel PDF
1832 Voters' List - read more.  Excel PDF
1832 Townland Valuation - read more.  Excel PDF Valuation map
1858 Griffith's [Tenement] Valuation - read more. Excel PDF Valuation maps
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