1859 [6 inch] Valuation Map of Dungiven Townland   
(PRONI: VAL/12/D/5/24, 25 & 31)

This 1859 Valuation Map shows the town of Dungiven located within the townland of  Dungiven. The numbers on the map [1 to 80] refer to plots of land in the townland, outside the built up area of the town. Most of these plots were held by persons who lived in the town. In this sense the townland of Dungiven was really the townparks or suburbs of the town. The town itself is marked as lot 81, just about visible on the map. The streets within the town are shown on a separate, large scale, map of the town which has its own set of numbers. Note that the National School and the Roman Catholic Chapel are situated to the south-east of the town. There is also another school shown in the town, beside the Parish Church. Pellipar House is situated north of the town on the east bank of the River Roe. Parts of the surrounding townlands of Owenbeg, Ballyguddin, Lackagh, Derryware, Hass, Magheraboy and Turmeel are also shown on this map. Sorry about the quality of the map! Try askaboutireland.ie/griffith-valuation 1846-64 for a better map. Even this map is not up to the usual standard.


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