The Townland of Gorteade

The townland of Gorteade straddles the main road from Maghera to Kilrea. [see map of the locality & map of parishes & surrounding townlands]. The townland of Gorteade was part of the Civil Parish of Maghera in the Barony of Loughinsholin.

Gorteade was the first ever townland that I studied in detail. This was back in the late 1960s/early 1970s. My companion during those early walks through the townland was the late Joe Doherty. Initially, we used four important sources which, we had never seen before. These were the 1831 "Census Returns", the Printed 1859 Griffith's [Tenement] Valuation and the accompanying Valuation Map of c.1859. We had photocopies of these records for Gorteade given to us at the the course on Local History in Maghera run by Dr. Brian Trainor and Dr. W.H. (Bill) Crawford from the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).. The task was to match the list of names in the 1831 "Census" with the list of names in the printed page of the Griffith's Valuation.and then relate the numbering in the printed Griffith's page to the numbering of houses and plots of land on the 1859 Valuation Map and, ultimately, find each house and holding on the ground.

The paper Gorteade: Matching 1831"Census" - 1828 Tithe - 1859 Griffith's Printed Valuation - and the 1859 Valuation Map will take you through this process using databases and a look at the original sources, some of which are now available online. In those early days we had to use pen/pencil and paper and I had never seen or heard of a database. If you want more detail on some of the houses go to - Houses in Gorteade 1831. Also, I have looked in more detail at a number of families in houses that were not covered by the 1831 Townland Valuation. See table below.

The table below contains links to all of the records that are used in the aforementioned papers.

1831 "Census Returns" Copies of all pages Single pages - 25 & 26 - 27 - 28 Databases Excel PDF
1828 Tithe Applotment Book Copies of all pages Databases Excel PDF
1859 Griffith's [Tenement] Valuation Printed page Databases Excel PDF Valuation map
1831 Townland Valuation Houses in Gorteade 1831 Valuation map
Marriages & Deaths Marriages Excel PDF   Deaths Excel PDF  

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