Matching the 1831"Census", the Tithe and the Griffith's Valuation for the Townland of Gorteade

Matching the names and properties in the documents and maps [below] should tell you, exactly, who was living where within the townland of Gorteade during the period 1831 to 1859. The names in the 1831 "Census", highlighted in "boxes", relate to the 1830s Map and you should be able to match these "boxed" groups to both the 1859 Griffith and the 1828 Tithe. The tithe pages and the 1859 Valuation are shown on a separate page.

If you have difficulty reading these records you can get a quick summary on these databases.

1828 Tithe Excel PDF 1831 "Census" Excel PDF 1859 Valuation Excel PDF

1831 "Census Returns" Names & House Numbers.
1859 Griffith's [Tenement] Valuation

1859 Valuation Map for Gorteade

1830s OS Map of Gorteade

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