Archibald Kane No. 19 in 1831 "Census"

The maps below show the exact location of Archibald Kane's house - No. 19 in 1831 "Census" and No. 14 in 1859 Griffith's Valuation. Note, also, that two of his sons occupied No. 15 [Anthony] and No. 8 [Archibald Jun.] He had another son Michael who must have been living in No. 14.

Houses in 1831
1859 Valuation Map

Below are the deaths of Archibald Sen. and his sons Michael, Archibald Jun. and Anthony. With the exception of Michael, who died from the result of an accident, all of these individuals lived until their eighties. Archibald Sen. was probably born circa 1790. I am fairly certain that this Archibald Sen. was the Archibald Kane living in House No. 19 in the 1831 "Census". The statistics read - 6 males and 2 females. Using the ages given in the death certificates, Archibald Jun. was born circa 1821 and Anthony was born circa 1829. Anthony's age given by his son Daniel [referred to locally as Dan (Anthony) or Anthony's Dan] in his death certificate is clearly inaccurate. It almost impossible to be accurate with such dates. The 1901 Census, when Archibald Jun. and Anthony were both alive, they gave their ages as 62 and 65 respectively. My impression is that both Archibald Jun. and Anthony were two of the males living in the 1831 household. Michael who was born circa 1834 could not have been there. I can only guess that Archibald Sen. was probably married in the early 1820s. We now have the names of three of the six males. It is tempting to think that the three remaining males were sons. They may have been, but on the other hand there could have been a grandfather or some other male relation. This is one of the most frustrating aspects of the 1831 "Census". At least in this case we have, with the aid of later information, been able to bring some life into the bare statistics.

There is one further point about the data in the table above. The first entry seems strange and I have to say that it might not be the Archibald Kane Sen. who lived in Gorteade. It took me a long time to find this entry. Part of the problem was that I expected to find the death being registered in the Magherafelt Registration District. I tried every possible spelling of Kane/O'Kane but I was unsuccesful. When I searched without choosing a Registration District, I found the 5th February 1878 death certificate. The name on the actual death certificate is Archibald Kane. In the table above, I have added Sen. to the 1878 death to distinguish it from the 1903 death of his son. The 1878 death was registered in the Kilrea District within the Coleraine Registration District and the death took place in the townland of Drumard. There are three Drumards in this part of the County. One in Maghera Parish, one in Ballynascreen Parish and one in the Parish of Tamlaght O'Crilly near the village of Tamlaght O'Crilly, where the dispensary was located. The Tamlaght O'Crilly Drumard is on the other side of the Kilrea Road and only about three townlands away from the Kane farm in Gorteade. Up to this point it seemed plausible. However, the Occupation entered was Labourer. I would have expected it to have been Farmer. I am still not sure that this death certificate is Archibald Kane Sen. [1859]. However, I do have other evidence that confirms Archibald Kane died circa 1878.

Unfortunately, this Archibald Kane did not leave a will. Another way of finding out when someone living on a farm died is to use the Valuation Revision Books to find when his or her name was stroked out and a new name inserted. This is a crude method of ascertaining someone's death but over the years I have found it very useful. Finding this information is much easier now since the PRONI Valuation Revision Books came online. Have a look at VAL/12/B/34/27B [1864-1883] page 57. The entry for Nos. 14a & 14b show first, the word Rep. in 78 i.e. 1878. This means that Archibald Kane sen. has died but has not left a will. His estate was in administration until 1881. The figure 81, in a different shade of blue, now appears in 1881. The Sen. is stroked out. and the name changed to Archibald O'Kane. This was the Archibald Kane Jun. who held the farm No. 8. Actually, since this Archibald was a bachelor, I suspect he never actually lived in the house on No. 8. Instead, he lived with his parents in No. 14. It looks as if his brother Michael [again a bachelor] also lived in No. 14. If you look at VAL/12/B/34/27B [1864-1883] page 56 you will see that in 1883 the name Archibald Jun. was stroked out and the name Michael Kane was inserted. This is the Michael Kane who died as the result of an accident in 1892. Incidentally, the valuers distinguished this Michael as Jun. and the other Michael, who lived close by in 10Ba [1859], as Michael Sen. Michael Sen. and Michael Jun. were not related.

Below is a twentieth-century photograph of the house of this particular Kane/O'Kane family. The large farmhouse was 14a in the Griffith's Valuation and the buildings on the other side of the yard would have been 14b - an unoccupied house, vacant in 1859. This Cottier House later became outbuildings [usually referred to as office buldings by the valuers]. In the distance you can see the ruins of John O'Kane's house of 1859 [12Aa]. The smaller house on the left is the original house built by John White who put a plaque in the wall above the door stating that he had built this house in 1789.

The descendants of Anthony O'Kane, particularly his son Daniel [Anthony] or Anthony's Dan, now own most of what had been O'Kane farms in the earlier and middle part of the nineteenth century. C.1970 when Joe Doherty and I were traversing Gorteade we made a list of Holdings in the Townland of Gorteade 1973. Also, here is a photograph taken in 1938 showing some of the farmers in Gorteade and the adajacent townland of Lisgorgan.

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