Northern Ireland General Revaluations 1935-c.1970
[Townlands in Rural Areas: Gorteade]

If you want to carry on looking for people and where they lived in a locality after 1930 then you will have to switch to the General Revaluation of Northern Ireland which was published in 1935 - producing the equivalent of a new Griffith's for that year.

This example follows on from the Griffith'sValuation Revision Books example for the townland of Gorteade so you should be aware of the changes that took place in the upper part of the townland before 1935.

Below are copies of some pages from the General Revaluation of Northern Ireland Revision Books covering the Townland of Gorteade, in Swatragh DED, Union of Magherafelt [Magherafelt Rural District] for the periods 1935-1957 and 1957-1972. I am assuming that you will have worked your way through the Griffith's Valuation Revision Books c.1860-1929 and, therefore, have a good idea of how Revision Books work. So, you should be able to read and interpret these pages yourself. You will note that the old Griffith's Nos. are still being used for the Valuation Maps but there is also a new number [which you can ignore] used to identify each holding within the Valuation Office Records.

VAL/3/C/6/4 [1935-1957] - page 12 - page 13.

VAL/4/B/5/29 [1957-1972] - page 16 - page 17.

Strictly speaking you should use the VAL//3/A/5/32 & 33B sheets to locate the properties in these two books but the askaboutireland map will be fine. Alternatively, you can use this map which is part of the VAL//12/D/5/32B sheet.

Note that I have not included copies of the pages from the VAL/3/B Book which was the original Revaluation of 1935. This is because the names and locations for the townland of Gorteade were the same as those in the VAL/3/C Revisions Book. Within PRONI I found the relevant VAL/3/C Revision Book by typing VAL/3/C* in the PRONI Ref. Box in the Search the eCatalogue - see the process below. When you get this book you will have to leaf through the pages to first locate Swatragh DED and then the Townland of Gorteade. Both DEDs and Townlands are usually in alphabetical order within the Valuation Book.

A similar process will produce the details necessary to order the relevant VAL/4/B* Book. Note, however, that only the Revision Books are available for the [1957-1972] Revaluation.

If you wish to go back in time before 1859 you should now go to the example on Gorteade dealing with the 1830s Townland Valuation.

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