Townland Valuation: Lurganagoose

This page from [PRONI ref. VAL/1/B/538B] shows 1 of the 12 houses and 20 cabins recorded in the townland of Lurganagoose on the 29th of December 1831. It was chosen because it and its outbuildings were valued at more than 3 per annum, the criterion for inclusion. It is interesting to note the high number of cabins recorded for the townland as a whole. This was fairly typical of the townlands in this locality and explains why only one set of buildings in the three townlands met the criteria for valuation.

This group of buildings, a house and two offices, belonged to James Beare [spelt Bear in the document]. The fact that the words ''West Ho." appears on the document suggests there may have been another house on the site. Note that the letter used to describe all of the buildings on this site is the letter 'D'. This means that the buildings were very old and in a very poor state of repair. No indication is given as to the roof. I think it would be safe to say that it was thatched and also in a bad state of repair. The length [frontage] of the house suggests a single storey house but its height of 9 feet, 6 inches, suggests that it may have had a loft.

The valuer has reduced the valuation [Take off for inconvenience 1s.6d / ] probably because of the situation of the house. The valuation was reduced by 5s.2d and eventually settled at 3.3s.0d. However the [won't come in] note indicates that the house was subsequently excluded from the list. Its valuation of just over 3 meant that it met the original criteria of inclusion of houses in excess of 3. This was subsequently changed to houses in excess of 5 valuation, hence its later exclusion.

Note that the numbers in the first column refer to the numbers originally given to each building by the valuer during his general survey of the townland. This house was number 5 in this list. However, once the 3, or greater, buildings had been selected, this was the only settlement which met the criterion, hence the number 1. The number 1 was then added to the accompanying valuation map [Val1A]. It is relatively easy to match up this house with the 1859 valuation map.

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