Map of Lurganagoose 1833

This is a copy of the 1833 valuation map for the townland of Lurganagoose.  The valuers used  the first edition of the Ordnance Survey map as their base map. The result was this valuation map which is spread over two sheets [VAL/1/A/5/36 & Val/1/A/5/37 in PRONI]. The blue numbers on the map refer to plots of land indicating different areas of soil quality within the townland. Click here for a description of each area and its valuation. Note that these areas do not correspond to the individual holdings within the townland. The map shows all of the houses in the townland. However, only a few of these were actually valued, and a number appears in red against those that were considered for valuation. Note that there are two red numbers on the map and I have circled, in red, the settlements containing these houses. I can only find one of these houses in the Valuation Book [VAL/1/B/538B] - that of James Bear. It is easy to match this settlement to the same settlement in the same location on the later 1859 valuation map [where is numbered 8Aa] and still occupied by a James Bear. A comparison of the two maps suggest that the other settlement marked 2 on the 1833 map was probably occupied at that time by the Ewings and the Scullions. However, if you look at the valuation of their houses in 1859, they ranged from 9/= to 15/=. This might explain why details of house 2 do not not appear in the 1831 Valuation Book.

Copyright 2010 W. Macafee.