1858 Printed [Tenement] Valuation for the Town of Limavady: page 49



page 50

The town of Limavady [or Newtownlimavady as it was known then] was situated in the townlands of Rathbrady Beg, Rathbrady More & Killane. This page and the pages that follow will list all of the properties valued within the town of Limavady as well as the properties [within these townlands] that lay outside the town boundary.  The numbers listed in the left-hand column of each page match the numbers on the valuation maps. Properties numbered outside the town boundary can be found on the VAL/2/A/5/9 map which is at a scale of six inches to the mile .These properties can be found on pages 49, 50 and part of 51 for Rathbrady Beg; pages 61 and part of 62 for Rathbrady More and page 62 for Killane. The streets in the town are shown separately on a large scale map of the town - see page 51.

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