1859 Valuation Map of the Town of Magherafelt

The numbers in the Griffith's Printed [Tenement] Valuation for the town of Magherafelt match the numbers on the 1859 Valuation Map for the town (VAL/2/D/5/3). This map was produced at a scale of 5 feet to the mile. Obviously to present it on this website I have had to break it down into six overlapping maps. To access each of the six maps click on a number on one of the squares below. A map, showing a section of the town, will open within this window and you will be able to move from it to any of the other five maps, or you can return to the index map. Incidentally, the maps overlap sufficiently for you to reproduce [in hard copy] an overall map of the town. However, because the maps are photographic scans, the edges do not always match perfectly, particularly as you move away from the centre of the photo.

Note that the numbers relating to individual buildings in the street can be somewhat confusing. This is because this map was used by the valuers from 1859 to c.1890. In many streets the original 1859 numbers were stroked out at some point during this period and replaced by a new set of numbers which reflected changes in the town, particularly the renaming of streets. The only street to escape this renumbering was Broad Street. The original numbers can usually be seen [stroked out] inside each building and the new numbers were inserted in front of each building. The most significant change took place in the Diamond. Click here for a separate explanatory map of the Diamond area of the town.

Also I have included a map [scale, 6 inches to the mile] that shows the town within the wider townparks in which it was situated. This also a valuation map but the numbering can be difficult to read. You can see a better version of this map at askaboutireland.ie [Griffith's Valuation]. This site is both free and very user-friendly.

Broad Street is on No. 2

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