Map of the Diamond in Magherafelt 1859
(PRONI: VAL/2/D/5/3)

In 1859 the Diamond in Magherafelt consisted of modern day Market Street plus parts of Rainey Street and Queen Street.  The Griffith's Printed Valuation listed 34 properties in the Diamond in 1859. I have shown these properties in red on the map below. You will see that No. 1 was the Market House which was located opposite Broad Street. Today this space is occupied by a roundabout. Building No. 2 was at the corner of Broad Street and present day Rainey Street. Nos. 3 and 4 continued down towards Rainey Street as far as the entry shown in on the map No. 5 was across the street and Nos. 6, 7 and 8 were in modern day Queens Street [formerly Moneymore Pass Street]. No. 9 was on the other side of Queen Street and No. 10 was at the corner with modern day Market Street. The numbers then ran up that side of Market Street as far as 23. No. 24 was on the opposite side of the street and the numbers continued down to No. 34 at the corner of Broad Street. Note that the numbers in front of each building in the street are numbers assigned by the valuers later in the nineteenth century to replace the numbers that they had assigned to properties in 1859. Have a look at these photos which show what was there in 2007 but the buildings [obvously modernised] are located on the same sites as they were in 1859.

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