1859 [6 inch] Valuation Map of Townparks of Magherafelt Townland
(PRONI: VAL/2/A/5/41, 42 & 47)

This 1859 Valuation Map shows the town of Magherafelt located within the townland of  Townparks of Magherafelt. The numbers on the map refer to plots of land within the townland. The town itself is marked as number 93 [not visible on this map], with numbers 1 to 92 covering the rest of the townland. The streets within the town are shown on a separate, large scale, map of the town. Note that  the Poor Law Union Workhouse and Fever Hospital are situated to the northwest of the town. Sorry about the quality of this map! Some of the plot numbers are not visible on this map. Go to askaboutireland.ie for a clearer version of this map.