1859 Printed [Tenement] Valuation for the Town of Magherafelt: page 323



page 324

The townland of Townparks of Magherafelt contains the town of Magherafelt. Numbers 1 to 92 in the Griffith's Printed Valuation refer to properties outside the town in the townland of Townparks of Magherafelt and the locations of these properties are shown on the six inch valuation map. The page below lists properties 1 to 30. Nos. 31 to 77 are listed on page 324 and Nos. 78 to 92 on page 325. Note that many of the plots of land listed in the Townparks belonged to residents of the town. The pages relating to the streets within the town begin on page 325 and the numbers here refer to the the large scale town map [60 inches to the mile].

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