Townland Valuation of Moyletra Toy

This page from [PRONI ref. VAL/1/B/54A & C] shows some of the houses that were recorded in the valuation of the townland in November 1832. Clearly the most significant house in the townland was Freemore Cottage [later The Grove] belonging to Mr. Thos. Shadden. Shadden is referred to as Capt. Shaddin in the Tithe Applotment Book. Details of his buildings and those of Stephen Church and John McAlary are shown in the page below.

Details are given of the dimensions of each building - length [frontage - column 2], breadth [depth - column 3] and height. [column 4]. Incidentally, the height gives you some idea of whether a building was single storey, two storey or storey and a half. The age and condition of the buildings were given in code. For more details on the code used by the valuers - read this.

Note that the numbers in the first column refer to the numbers originally given to each building by the valuer during his survey of the townland. Once the 3, or greater, buildings had been selected, this smaller group of buildings was usually renumbered and the original number stroked out. These were the numbers that were written on the accompanying valuation map. In this case only Shadden's buildings met the criteria.

[PRONI: VAL/1/B/54A & C]

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