Townland Valuation of Gorteade

This page from [PRONI ref. VAL/1/B/534A] shows 5 of the 48 houses and 8 cabins recorded in Gorteade on the 11th of August 1831 that were valued at more than 3 per annum. In fact, after revaluation, No. 6 was excluded. Most buildings have been given the code 2C. The 2 means that these buildings had stone walls and thatched roofs and were old buildings, not in a very good state of repair. The 2D office (outbuilding) was even in worse condition! They also noted the dimensions of each building - length [frontage], breadth [depth] and height. Incidentally, the height gives you some idea of whether a building was single storey, two storey or storey and a half. For more details on the code used by the valuers - read this.

Note that the numbers in the first column refer to the numbers originally given to each building by the valuer during his survey of the townland. Once the 3, or greater, buildings had been selected, this smaller group of buildings was usually renumbered and the original number stroked out. These were the numbers that were written on the accompanying valuation map.

For some reason, the original Gorteade page does not show this renumbering but I do know that No. 8 became No. 1 on the map, No. 3 became No. 2, No. 7 became No. 3 and No. 1 became No. 4. I have included these new numbers in red on both the copy of the page and on the accompanying map. Notice the words "won't come in" and "out" written below the valuation of  No. 6 which was eventually excluded from the list because it did not meet the 3 threshold.

In the end when the later 5 criterion was used only No. 3 [James McKeown] would have been included. James McKeown's house is on the site of the modern-day 'Gorteade Cottage', the ancestral home of Charles Thompson, the Secretary of the U.S. Continental Congress during the American War of Independence. 'Gorteade Cottage' is presently the residence of Wallace Clark. No. 1 was an inn at the Cross Keys - see photo. It is relatively easy to match these houses up with those shown on the 1859 valuation map.

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[PRONI: VAL/1/B/534A]

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