Townland Valuation of Tirgarvil

This page from [PRONI ref. VAL/1/B/534A] shows 6 of the  42 houses, 11 cabins, forge, corn mill and corn kiln recorded in Tirgarvil on the 3rd October 1831 that were valued at more than 3 per annum. The corn mill and kiln, with associated house and offices, were treated as one building. After revaluing, the house of Robert Wilson, No. 1, was excluded. The code along with the dimensions given for each building gives us a 'picture' of each building. Only the corn mill and kiln had slated roofs. The houses were all one storey and thatched. The frontage of the houses were in excess of 40 feet. Note that the house that had been excluded had only a frontage of 28 feet.

The numbers in the right of the first column is the number that had been assigned to the building during the initial survey of the townland. The other, circled, number is the number that was assigned to the revised list of buildings valued at 3 or greater. This later number is the one that appears on the valuation map [VAL/1/A] which accompanied this valuation. This allows you to identify the location of these houses within the townland in the 1830s and it is relatively easy to relate this location to the later 1859 valuation map.

[PRONI: VAL/1/B/534A]

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