Townland of Upperland: Griffith's [Tenement] Valuation Map
[PRONI: VAL/12/D/5/32B [c.1860-c.1883] & VAL/12/D/5/33C [c.1860-c.1878])

[Northern part of the townland - click here to see southern part.]

The numbering and lettering of the houses on this map are difficult to read, particularly within the plots of land 12A and 12B where the houses and beetling mills, associated with the well known linen firm of Clarks of Upperland, are to be found. I have indicated the location on the map of the dwelling houses of Alexander and William Clark. Alexander lived in the original, smaller house towards the back of the cluster of buildings and William, his son, in the larger house at the front known as Ampertaine House which he built in the 1850s after his marriage in 1853. The beetling mills and associated workmen's houses, which can also be seen in the earlier Townland Valuation of 1831, were located along the rivers Knockoneill & Clady to the west of the Clark houses. By the 1880s the industry was expanding and more workers' houses were built. You can follow the building of these houses in the Griffith's Revision Books.

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