Estate Map of Tumoke & Mullan [later Magheraboy Upper] by James Williamson (1788)
[Agnew Estate, PRONI Ref. T2309/1]

Nos. 1 to 7 were held by Archd. Moore. Nos. 8 to 11 by John Moore. Nos. 12 & 13 by Widow Blair. Nos. 14 & 15 by James Tweed. Nos. 16 to 19 by John Tweed and No. 20 was Flow Moss.
This 1788 "townland" became known as Magheraboy Upper by the the 1830s [the time of the first 6 Inch Ordnance Survey Map]. The placenames Tumoke [also spelt as Tumock] and Mullan were still used locally and are shown on the later Ordnance Survey maps - see townland map. In fact they are still marked on the latest 1:50000 Ordnance Survey Map of the Kilraghts area. Note also that in the nineteenth century local people would give these placenames as their address on marriage, birth and death certificates.