Bellaghy Estate Examples

The links in the table relating to the Bellaghy estate are to examples of various aspects of estates mentioned in the introductory paper on Landed Estate Records.

The Halfgayne and Ballynacross examples deal with rentals and leases.

There are two examples at the correspondence link. The first example is part of a reply by an Amos Strettle in answer to a number of questions asked by the Vintners Company when he was preparing the 1718 Rental for the company. The estate had been let in 1673 to Lord Massereene [Clotworthys of Antrim].

There is also another example of a letter written in the early part of the twentieth century where tenants in certain townlands within the estate were attempting to purchase their land under certain legislation that had been passed in 1909.

Land purchase and judicial rents are the subject of the last two links in the table. One of the land purchase examples relates to the Bellaghy estate in 1929. The other relates to the townland of Gorteade which was on the adjoining Mercers'estate,

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