Landlords of Individual Townlands in North and Mid Antrim

I have created a database which lists the landlord of each townland as listed in the Griffith's [Tenement] Valuation c.1860 for North and Mid Antrim. I have also included Parish, Barony and Poor Law Union columns which will allow you to filter out particular areas within this general area.

Once you have identified a landlord name you can check if there is anything about that landlord in the Introductions to significant privately deposited archives in PRONI. This source on the PRONI website will provide an introduction to some of the estates in the county e.g. the estate of the Earl of Antrim. If you are in PRONI you can use the onsite Guide to Landed Estates. This guide is arranged firstly by county and then alphabetically by landlord/estate. For each estate there is a description of the records found in PRONI with the appropriate main PRONI reference numbers. Additionally, for each county there are separate sections on maps and on the Irish Land Commission/Land Purchase Commission papers deposited in PRONI by Land Registry.

Online you can use the PRONI eCatalogue to search for particular estates. Again, here, you will able t ofind out what is available for a particular estate.

Copyright 2011 W. Macafee.