Landlords of Individual Townlands in Co. Londonderry

This database lists the landlord of each townland in the county at the time of the Griffith's [Tenement] Valuation 1858/59 and the landlord in the early seventeenth century. From this database you should be able to identify the townlands that were originally churchland, freeholds and native freeholds.  It is interesting, for example, to filter out those townlands that were part of the Waterford estate and note how this estate comprised lands that were originally the Haberdashers' Company lands, freeholds on various estates and native freeholds.

It is sometimes difficult to identify the seventeenth-century landlords for a townland. I am confident that most are correct but I cannot guarantee complete accuracy for this earlier period. The 1858/59 landlords, on the other hand, are correct according to the Griffith's [Tenement] Valuation. In some instances I have had to use because there were too many landlord names to list for a particular townland. Also, in certain instances there were so many landlords listed for a townland that I have simply used the term "various persons". This was particularly the case in townlands within and around the urban centres of Londonderry, Coleraine and Limavady.

I have also included Parish, Barony and Poor Law Union columns which will allow you to filter out particular areas within the county.

I have provided some notes on the London Companies plus a map showing the general area covered by each of the Company estates throughout the county.

Also once you have identified a landlord name you can check if there is anything about that landlord in the Introductions to significant privately deposited archives in PRONI. This source, on the PRONI website, will provide an introduction to some of the estates in the county and the records available in PRONI, e.g. the Drapers' Estate Records and the Conolly papers relating to the Bellaghy Estate.

I have also created a database [see table 5] that gives details of most of the records extant for both London Companies' and other "non-company" estates in Co. Londonderry that are listed in the PRONI onsite Guide to Landed Estates.

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