VAL/12/B Griffith's Revision pages for Church Street, Ballymoney

VAL/12/B/4/3F [1907-1915] page 116

You will find the name W. J. Frizelle written in a bluey/purple colour against No. 11 on page 116 with the date 1916 in the same colour in the furthest right-hand column.It replaces the name Samuel Luke which first appeared in 1910 replacing John McKeague who was the occupant in 1907.

William John Fruizell has now rented a shop, workshop and storeroomvalued at £14. This must be the tobacconist and confectionary shop listed in the Street Directories. There is no mention of a house but if you look at the Form B1 for Church Street in the 1911 Census you will see that this building had ten rooms. Here you will see Samuel P. Luke occupying this house - the same Samuel Luke who is listed on page 116. If you look closely at the list of properties in Form B1 you should have little difficulty in matching them to the properties in pages 115 & 116. Note that Samuel P. Luke's family totalled 6 persons and, according to the Census they were resident in this "shop", probably living above the shop. I get the impression the description applied to a building depends on the use of the ground floor.

No. 11 has a substantial yard behind it. Note that there is also an 11b, situated to the rear of the building. Note also that 11c has been transferred to the Ulster Bank at No. 9 on the previous page. There is also an 11a on the previous page [115] which is an office & yard held by Margt. Craig. there is a note to say that this office is at the rear.

This property is easily identified on the VAL/12/E map of c.1895. Today the property is a completely new building occupied by the Ulster Bank which you can see on the Google map.

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