Map showing the area within Ulster covered by this website

Below is a map showing the Counties and Baronies of the historic province of Ulster. The area enclosed by the blue line contains the entire county of Londonderry and the part of Co. Antrim which contained the Baronies of Antrim, Cary, Dunluce, Glenarm, Kilconway and Toome, i.e. North and Mid Antrim. I have chosen, arguably, to designate the area covered by the baronies of Cary, Dunluce and Kilconway as North Antrim. The area of the county that was covered by the Baronies of Toome and Antrim I have designated as Mid Antrim. Again this is arguable. This leaves the Barony of Glenarm which includes the Glens of Antrim. Of course the Glens extend into the Barony of Cary, so there is no such thing as a "perfect" boundary!

Note that the databases that I have created for this website will [where the records permit] cover all of the baronies within the area bounded by the continuous blue line . The case studies will be selective but at least one family and one locality is drawn from all of the baronies in Co. Londonderry and one from the baronies of Cary, Dunluce and Kilconway. Previously I tried to provide lots of examples from as many baronies as possible but this became unmanageable and very time-consuming. For those of you who have used this website before you will see a substantial reduction in the number of case studies, particularly of individual families. Apologies if your particular family is now missing. The case studies are intended as exemplars of good practice rather then a blanket coverage of localities and families. They also reflect the fact that over the years I have become more familiar with certain areas inside the "blue" boundary. In particular, I have added a new Sperrins link which contains links to databases [in Excel format only] that cover the Sperrins area of Co. Tyrone and parts of Co. Londonderry.

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