Personal Papers Of Robert McAfee of Ballywattick (Ballymoney)

This is a copy of a note written by my great-great grandfather Robert McAfee, a carpenter who lived in the townland of Ballywattick in the parish of Ballymoney, Co. Antrim. His house is marked as no.1b in the Griffith's Printed Valuation of 1860. The note appears to date from the year 1879 and gives details of the names and ages of various members of his family, including his wife Rose Ann, whose maiden name was Hamill. It looks as if this note was written just before his wife died on the 9th August 1879. The fact that he records his own age as now 66 and his wife as now 62 suggests that she was still alive when he first wrote the note. Her death is then recorded later against the date that she was born. He died himself on the 9th March 1890 and one of his children has added that date at the top of the note.

There were other notes in this collection of family papers giving details on the deaths of many of the people listed in the note above. Also there is information on the family of William (born 1844). William was the only male in the family to marry. Thomas died in the house in Ballywattick in 1926. Unfortunately I do not know what happened to Robert. It is thought that he may have emigrated to America.
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