Church Street, Coleraine [South Side] from the Diamond (Market Street) to New Row: 1816

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This drawing from the Coleraine Book of 1816, commissioned by the Irish Society, shows the houses on the south side of the street from the Diamond on the right of the drawing to New Row on the left. Nos. 11 to 15 refer to plots of land marked on Archibald Stewart's Map of the street in 1758. The frontage of each plot is given in feet. No. 11 [at the Diamond end of the drawing] was 38 feet, No. 12 was 32 feet, No. 13 was 32 feet,  No. 14 was 32 feet and No. 15 was 33 feet.  The 1834 Valuation Map for this section of the street is numbered 1 to 7 from the Diamond to New Row.

If you look at Nos. 1 to 7 in the 1832 Townland Valuation you will be able to see who occupied this part of the street in 1832 and the 1831 Census Returns will confirm if they actually lived there.  Starting from the Diamond, the following persons appear to have lived here in 1832 - William Lynn, Thomas Liken & Robert Weir, John McGrotty, Daniel & John Given, Thomas & F. Hardy & Robert Allison, Joseph Warnock, and Hugh Bellas on the corner with New Row.

The 1832 Townland Valuation also gives the exact dimensions of each house in 1832 plus a valuation of the house and its adjoining offices. For example, the two houses at the New Row end of this section of the street were occupied by Hugh Bellas (Ironmonger, Hardware, etc.) and Joseph Warnock (Clothes Dealer) [No. 15 on the drawing and Nos. 6 & 7 on the 1832 map]. Bellas's part of the house had a frontage of 18.75 feet, was 28.0 feet deep and 28.0 feet high (suggesting 3 storeys, confirmed by the drawing) and was valued at 21.00. Warnock's part of the house had a frontage of 17.0 feet, was 28 feet deep and 28.0 feet high (suggesting 3 storeys, confirmed by the drawing) but was valued at only 12.00. By 1859 Bellas had taken over Warnock's part of the house and was No. 7 on the 1859 map.

I think that No. 14 on the drawing [next door to Warnock] was where Thomas & F. Hardy & Robert Allison lived in 1832 but by that time it had become three storey. Next door in No. 13 on the drawing in 1832 were Daniel & John Given and next door to them, John McGrotty. It is difficult to match the 1832 names and the 1816 houses in the rest of the street, towards the Diamond, suggesting that there had been some redevelopment of this part of the street between 1816 and 1832.