The Drawings of Church Street, Coleraine, 1816

These drawings from the Elevations of Buildings, Coleraine surveyed for for the Irish Society in 1816 [PRONI: T/1261] give us a rare glimpse of a street in an early nineteenth-century, market town. The drawings cover most of the northern and southern sides of the street. Each drawing has a series of numbers on it which refer to plots of land marked on Archibald Stewart's Map of the street in 1758 [PRONI: T/837]. The frontage of each plot of land is given in feet beside the number. These numbers and frontages can, to a large extent, be correlated with the later 1832 large scale map of the town which accompanies the First Valuation. Before you look at the drawings you should have a copy of the 1832 Valuation Map of the street to hand. The quality of the map is not the best. I would suggest that you print it on glossy, photo paper.

I have added some notes to the drawings which indicate the names of the persons living in that section of the street in 1832. Here I used the 1832 First Valuation and the 1831 Census Returns. I have also selected some houses and looked at these in more detail. For this, I used the 1832 First Valuation and the later, Original Manuscript [VAL/2B] Valuation of 1858.

The drawings for both sides of the street are presented on two separate pages. When you click on the link North Side or South Side the drawings for the first section of the street will open in a separate window. To move to the next section of the street click on the Next link.

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