1859 Printed [Tenement] Valuation for the Town of Coleraine

The town of Coleraine was valued during 1858 and the results published in printed form in 1859. Although a borough at this time in the Poor Law Union of Coleraine, the valuation of the streets in the town is arranged within the baronies, parishes and townlands in which the streets were situated.

The pages from the Printed Valuation covering the built up area of the town have been scanned. The Killowen part of the town on the west bank of the river Bann was in the barony of Coleraine, parish of Killowen and the townlands of Churchland and Waterside. The main part of the town on the east bank of the river was in the Barony of North East Liberties, parish of Coleraine and the townland of Coleraine and suburbs. The table below contains an index to the pages which cover both parts of the town. You will need the accompanying large scale map of the town to locate buildings within each street. This map is in sections and the appropriate section, or sections, for each street are given in the table below. It is probably best to choose the streets or streets that you wish to look at and print out both the relevant pages and the appropriate section, or sections, of the map. Note that when printing single pages, it is best to reduce them to 90% within the Print Preview window. Also, if you are wondering where page 182 is - it's a blank page.

Killowen Parish Coleraine Parish
Page No. Streets covered in each page Map Page No. Streets covered in each page Map
p. 175 Part of Killowen St. N.E. & S.E. p. 183 Part of The Diamond N.W. & S.W.
p. 176 Part of Killowen St. p. 184 Part of The Diamond, part of Shamble Lane.
p. 177 Part of Killowen St. & part of Kyle's Brae. p. 185 Part of Shamble Lane, Ferryquay St., Meetinghouse Place, Baptist Lane & part of Cross Lane.
p. 178 Part of Kyle's Brae & part of Peat's Row. p. 186 Part of Cross Lane, Stable Lane & part of Stone Row Upper.
p. 179 Part of Peat's Row. p. 187 Part of Stone Row Upper, Back Lane, New Row West & Blindgate Street.
p. 180 Waterside, Railway St. or Castle Lane & part of Captain St. Lower. N.E. & N.W. p. 188 Bellhouse Lane, North Rampart & part of Preaching House St. N.W.
p. 181 Part of Captain St. Lower, Captain St. Upper & Exemptions. p. 189 Part of Preaching House St., Castleview Terrace, Bridge Street, Circular Road & part of Hanover Place.
Note that some of the streets listed in 1859 have different modern-day names. Here are some of these streets with their modern-day name in brackets.

Shamble Lane [Abbey Street], Preaching House Street {Queen Street], Rosemary Street [Park Street], New Road {Railway Road].

p. 190 Part of Hanover Place & part of Church Street. N.   &    S.
p. 191 Part of Church Street & part of New Row.
p. 192 Part of New Row & part of Upper New Row.
p. 193 Part of Upper New Row, Beresford Place, Beresford Terrace, Limemarket & Rosemary Lane.
p. 194 King's Gate & part of Society St.
p. 195 Part of Society Street, Newmarket St. & part of Long Commons.
p. 196 Part of Long Commons.
p. 197 Part of Long Commons, Terrace Row, Society Row, Chapel Square & part of Taylor's Row.
p. 198 Part of Taylor's Row, Boiling Well Lane, Alma Place & part of Brooke St.
p. 199 Part of Brooke St., Mill Street & part of New Road. N.E.
p. 200 Part of New Road, & part of North Brook Street.
p. 201 Part of North Brook Street, Highland Row & Exemptions.
p. 202

More Exemptions.


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