Church Street Coleraine, North Side, 1900s

[Nos. 28-34 on Griffith's Map +18 The Diamond]



The top photograph must have been taken after 1909. The reason for suggesting this date is the fact that the building beside the telegraph pole in the picture [at the corner of Park Street] had been rebuilt and refurbished by 1909.  When this building is compared with the same building in the coloured postcard below you should be able to see a difference in both height and architectural style. Furthermore the skyline of the buildings from Park Street towards St. Patrick's Church looks different in each photograph. The coloured postcard dates from circa 1903.  It was posted in Coleraine at 3.45 p.m. on 10th September 1903 to a Miss Lucy Carpenter, 129 Brooke Road, Stoke Newington, London.

Starting with the black and white photograph, the draper's shop in the foreground, at the corner of the Diamond and Church Street [Griffith's No. 18] was occupied by Robert Moorhead. He did not live there in 1901. The 1901 Census Returns record him as living in Esdale Terrace on the Millburn Road. According to the 1911 Census Returns his widow was living on Lodge Road. By 1920 the shop was occupied by Tweedy Acheson.

Next door [Griffith's No. 34] was occupied by Samuel Rogers (Watchmaker & Jeweller) & H. E. [Harriet] Rogers (Berlin Wool, Toys & Fancy Warehouse).  No-one resided in the premises in 1901. The 1901 Census Returns record Samuel and his daughter, Harriet, living in Ardbana Terrace [Mountsandel Road] and in New Row in 1911. By the 1920s it was occupied by The Misses McLarnons (Newsagents) who had moved from Bridge Street. The family continued to occupy the premises until the late 1950s. By 1967 the shop was part of Tweedy Acheson.

Next was [Griffith's No. 33] which had been occupied by John Tyler & Sons (Boot Warehouse) since 1895. No-one resided in the premises in 1901. Tyler & Sons were still there in 1967.

Next was [Griffith's No. 32] which had been Caskey's Berlin Wool and Fancy Warehouse until about 1900. It was vacant in 1901 and by 1905 was occupied by John & William McLeese (Grocers). J. B. McLeese was recorded as living in this house in the 1911 Census Returns. Later this shop was occupied by Joseph McMullan (Chemist & Photographer) and then by A. W. McDowell (Chemist) who continued to occupy it until the 1960s. In 1967 it was occupied by John Temple (Tailors).

Next was [Griffith's No. 31] which had been occupied by John McCandless [Plumber, Gasfitter and Hardware] since 1886. The 1901 and 1911 Census Returns record him as living on the Lodge Road. The firm of John McCandless Ltd. continued to occupy these premises until 2003.

After this the height of the buildings change. There were three shops in this lower block, and these will be covered in the next photograph. 

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Courtesy of R. Anderson & T. McDonald.