Church Street Coleraine, North Side, 1900s

[Nos. 29-34 on Griffith's Map]

Courtesy of R. Anderson & T. McDonald.


This photograph shows the row of houses and shops described in the previous photograph. However, this time the shot is looking towards the Diamond. The photograph must have been taken some time between 1906 and 1912 - see below.

The first shop [Griffith's No. 29] was occupied by Robert Boyd (Grocer, Seedsman & Grain Merchant). He is first listed in the Griffith's Revisions as occupying this shop in 1906. The Revisions indicate the shop as vacant in 1912 and by 1913 it was occupied by the brothers J. & D. McKay (Drapers & Merchant Taylors).

 Interestingly, the occupants of these premises before Boyd had been Hill Bros. who were also Tailors. See the next photograph for more details on them.

The next shop [Griffith's No. 29a] with the barber's pole was occupied by William McCloskey (Barber) from 1909. McCloskey actually lived in Society Street at this time. McCloskey's Barber's shop was still there in the 1960s. Now occupied by Jamieson's (Jewellers).

The final shop in this 'lower' row [Griffith's No. 30] had been occupied by Daniel Todd (Grocer, Poulterer & China Warehouse) He also had a shop in Kingsgate Street and in 1901 he lived in Nursery Avenue (or Nursery Row as it was called then). By 1911 he had moved to the Lodge Road. The shop remained in the Todd family until the 1950s when its occupant was T. J. Giffin (Grocer).

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