Church Street Coleraine, South Side, 1900s

[Nos. 1-7 on Griffith's Map]

Courtesy of R. Anderson & T. McDonald.

  The large bay window projecting from [Griffith's No. 6] near the corner with New Row suggests that this photograph was taken after 1903.

The shop on the corner with the Diamond [Nos. 1 & 2] had been occupied by J. S. Anderson & Sons (Drapers) since the late 1860s. It was known as the Arcade. J. S. Anderson lived in Spring Gardens on the Lodge Road and his son, William F., also lived on the Lodge Road. By 1939 it was in the hands of Goorwitch Ltd. and by 1967, Paul Fashions.

[No. 3], with the pediments on the four, first floor windows,  was occupied by Miss Carson (Tea & China Warehouse) from 1899. The 1901 Census Returns listed her as living here, but she gave her occupation as grocer. After 1935 it was occupied by Margaret E. Stevenson (Outfitter). By the 1950s H. & T. Bellas (Hardware) had moved to here from [No. 7]. By the 1960s it was Lipton's supermarket.

[No. 4], not so high as [Nos. 1 to 3], was listed as vacant around 1900. Thomas Cameron (Butcher) who was living in Abbey Street in 1901 had moved in here by 1905 and was listed in the 1911 Census Returns as living here. The firm was still trading here in 1967.

[No. 5], same height as [No. 4], was a public house. The 1901 Census Returns listed John Hinshelwood as living here. By 1908 the occupant was John Keegan. D. J. McKenna occupied the premises from 1935 to the 1960s.

[No. 6], with the projecting bay window, had been the house and shop of Abraham Moody (Grocer, etc.) He died in 1899 and the building was refurbished by James Kennedy (Builder) around 1903. Hill Bros. (Drapers & Tailors) from [No. 29] across the street moved in after the reurbishment. They moved to the Diamond in 1920. By 1927 the occupant was J. W. Moore (Draper). The family still continues to trade here today and has expanded to include [No. 7].

[No. 7] at the corner of New Row was the premises of H. & T. Bellas (Ironmongers, etc.) from the early nineteenth century. By the 1950s the Church Street part of the shop had moved to [No. 3]. It was then occupied by the Maypole (Grocers). The firm finally moved to their Beresford Place site during the 1960s.

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