Church Street Coleraine, South Side: 1987

[No. 7 on Griffith's Map]

This photograph shows Moore's Corner in 1989.  Note that at that time the upper floors of Moore's shop in New Row had a Georgian appearance. This is continued into Church Street on the second floor. However, there are some Victorian influences in the first floor windows. This corner contrasts with the Diamond end of this block shown in the previous photographs. This is because the Diamond end was substantially redeveloped after the 1850s/60s whereas this New Row end was already a substantial building before this date - thus the more Georgian character of this end. This entire block as far as the Diamond was devastated by a van bomb explosion on the night of 13th November 1992. The entire block was rebuilt and the architecture, whilst essentially modern, contains elements of earlier times - the most noteable being the bay window of 1903.

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