The 1832 Townland Valuation of Church Street, Coleraine

I have databased most of the information which is recorded in the 1832 original manuscript valuation book for Church Street, Coleraine [PRONI Ref. VAL/1/B/542A-C].

The first three columns in the database give the names of the occupant of each property and its number on the accompanying valuation map. The next column contains descriptions of each property in November 1832. I have had to summarise these descriptions.

The next column contains a code for each house such as 1B, 1C+, etc. This code was used by the valuers to describe houses and offices (outbuildings). It was a combination of numbers and letters. The numbers referred to the construction of the building, particularly the walls and roof. The letters were used to describe the condition and age of the building - see explanation of code. At the House details link you will be able to see copies of all of the pages from the valuation book covering Church Street.

The next three columns give us the dimensions of each house - frontage on the street, depth of the house and its height. All of these measurements are in feet and inches in the original books. I have decimalised these figures in the database.

The next two columns contain valuations. In the original books these are given in pounds, shillings and pence (old money). In the database I have used decimal currency. The figure for each building covers the various parts of the dwelling house (pantrys, kitchens, cellars, hallways, etc. were often valued individually from the main part of the house) plus all the offices or outbuildings which could include sheds, stores, stables, cow houses or byres, piggeries, etc. The figure for the whole property was made up of the buildings' figure plus the size of the yard and such factors as location within the street.

The final two column contains my notes plus comments/notes made by the valuer. Note that I have tried to match as many of the properties in 1832 with those in 1859. Because of rebuilding and development, this has not always been possible. Note also that a person listed in the 1820 and 1824 directories may not have been occupying the same house then as he or she did in 1832.

This source along with the 1858/1859 Griffith's Valuation [VAL/2/B] provide a rare opportunity to compare houses between 1832 and 1859.

Copyright 2010 W. Macafee.