1859 Printed [Tenement] Valuation for Church Street, Coleraine

The survey and valuation of Church Street, Coleraine was carried out in 1858 and the results were published in printed form in 1859. The original, manuscript book for Church Street, used by the valuers, is available in PRONI [VAL/2/B/5/3C]. I have databased this information for the street and it is available in Excel and PDF. Both of these files will open in a separate window. It might be best to print the database [which contains extra information on buildings and additional comments by the valuer] and compare it with the printed version below.

The pages below are from the 1859 printed edition. Note that Map Nos. 1 to 18 are on the south side of the street and Nos. 19 to 33 are on the north side of the street. No. 34 on the map was not valued in Church Street in 1859. It was in fact No. 18 in the Diamond in 1859. It was transferred to Church Street in 1868/69 and allocated the number 34 which is shown on the map in red signifying that it is a new number added later - see Griffith's Revisions for more details. Note that the second column lists the local street numbers in 1859. Note also that Nos. 1 to 16 are on page 190 and Nos. 17 to 33 are on page 191.

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